Putting your home on the market requires so much more than just putting a sign in the yard. This isn’t just a property, after all – it’s an investment. At Canvas Properties, our expert guides take that seriously. You need an expert knowledgeable about the process who will navigate the sale of your home in a timely manner, avoiding delays and costly mistakes in a fast-moving market. Our Canvas Properties REALTORS® have you covered! Below are a few things we will help you with. 





You certainly want to maximize your revenue, but pricing your home too high can be detrimental to the process. It can deter potential buyers and cause you to chase the market. Rather than trusting a random website algorithm to price your home fairly, our Canvas Properties REALTORS have access to the most current local market information. Not only can we show you the competition, but we can help you assess the location, recent updates to your property and neighborhood amenities so that you are pricing your home strategically for an audience of savvy buyers.

Presentation is everything in this market, especially when you want to get top dollar for your property. Remember that many buyers purchase based on emotion, so appealing to a broad spectrum of wants and needs is crucial. Our seasoned pros will help you objectively assess your property, providing recommendations for staging, decluttering, enhancing curb appeal and maximizing spaces. Because we've been doing this so long, we can even point you in the direction of Class A vendors who can handle repairs on a budget so that your home is showing in its best light.





At Canvas Properties, you don’t just get a REALTOR®. Our team also provides a full-time marketing guru who knows exactly what it takes to sell your property. We cover it all by implementing a full-scale marketing campaign for your property. Once staging is completed, we’ll arrange for a professional photo shoot and virtual tour of your home, provide quality brochures specially designed to highlight your property's best features, manage showings and open houses, ensure maximum online exposure of your listing through an array of affiliate websites and continuously promote your property features to our never-ending list of potential buyers, area agents and local industry professionals. Marketing your home properly is essential – and we know how to do it.

Sifting through contracts and terms can be confusing and stressful. Am I dealing with a qualified buyer? Do I have all the correct paperwork in gear? What timelines constraints do I have? Which offer is better – the one with the higher price or the one that closes faster? Canvas Properties REALTORS® speak the real estate language, know what terms are standard for today’s market and can help you weigh the pros and cons of any offer or multiple offers situation.





We would love to tell you that every real estate transaction is a seamless process, but that simply isn’t the case. Our agents are well versed in the local market and can help you strategically maneuver through any issues that arise with your transaction from negotiating inspection amendments, appraisal issues, buyer financing problems, and even title discrepancies. Don’t risk making a costly decision. Let our seasoned professionals put their years of experience to work for you.